Sand Blast Vinyl saving energy by reducing heat, filters UV rays, privacy and security.


Sandblast Blog

Is normally used to create privacy sections in an open plan area or in sensitive office environment as banks, but not only nowadays sandblast is being combined with full colour printing to decorate and give a fine touch to door, glass, dividers and windows

More and more businesses are discovering the advantages of using sandblast adhesive vinyl. It is an easy and affordable a way to give your retail windows, glass doors and showers the look of expensive frosted glass. Vinyl graphics are the perfect use for store front windows; office doors and anything glass, with additional benefits that include saving energy by reducing heat, filters UV rays, privacy and security.

Domed Labels

Domed Labels magnifies and gives depth to the printed image!

Domed labels are used in many applications, equipment manufacturers apply them as permanent marking for their products as they are durable and their three-dimensional appearance catches the eye.

Domed labels are much more permanent than many other labels and do not show wear; the clear polyurethane substance, even after hardening, is stunning. The ultra clear surface coating is not only extremely tough but it enhances, magnifies and gives depth of colour to the printed image that it encapsulates and protects. A proven winner. Your corporate logo on any product will never look so good or last so long.

Minimum quantity 25 maximum size 80 x 80mm

Flatbed printing replacing Silkscreening. This is why…

Flatbed printing offers stunning resolution and UV resistance for non-fade longevity.

Typically used for commercial applications (retail and event signage), flatbed printing is often a substitute for screen-printing. Since no printing plates or silk-screens must be produced, digital printing technology allows shorter runs of signs to be produced economically.

Flatbed Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images using inkjet printing, typically on smooth boards, wallpaper, posters ect… Materials are placed on a vacuum bed and imaged from above. Printers use inks made of acrylic monomers that are then exposed to strong UV-light to cure them.

The advantage of flatbed digital printing

The biggest advantage that you can get from flatbed digital printing is the versatility that they offer. No matter what material, and what size of the material or quantity you want to print , as long as it has a flat surface and does not exceed the maximum size of printable area of the flatbed, you can print on it. The resolution of prints produced is also very high and they can print in quick speed.

For a truly unique print, this is the best process….

Dibond replacing Aluminium Signage. This is Why …

Budget-Friendly, Sprayed Any Colour , Brushed or Smooth Finish. Provides the sleek, modern look of our raw aluminium product at a more affordable price. Dibond® is the industry’s leading aluminium composite material (ACM) for more than 15 years. It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminium with a solid polyethylene core.

  • Excellent for digital printing as well as mounting
  • Flattest panel on the market
  • Superior surface protects digital and screen printed graphics
  • Provides excellent durability in outdoor applications, Won’t bow or oil can
  • Approximately one half the weight of aluminium
  • Can be routed and returned to add dimension or roll-formed to deliver sweeping curves
  • Flammability Characteristics Self extinguishing (UL 94V-0 Class 1 or Class A fire rating (ASTM E-84)


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